Single-select field: horizontal view of select options

Hi! How do you turn the select options from 5 to 1 from the vertical to a horizontal view in a single-select field? Thanks.

Nor sure what you mean. Perhaps you can send a screenshot

Hi! Thanks for following up. The vertical view of the answer options looks as follows:

However, I need a horizontal view, e.g.:

How can I change from the vertical to the horizontal view?

That’s not possible I’m afraid.

It’s maybe not what you’re looking for, but I’ve created a select list that is a bit more visually attractive (by using emoticons)

It’s not as user friendly as radio buttons but it looks nice :smile:


Hi @YvetteLans - Thanks! This is a great solution! However, for more formal audiences, I require the traditional Likert scale format in some selected forms.

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That’s unfortunate. Nonetheless, thanks for looking into it.