Single Select field values in alphabetical order

Sometimes we add new values to a single select field. We want to make values in alphabetical order. On additional switch will be very helpful. See a proposal and an example from Salesforce implementation.


Is it too inconvenient to manually reorder them with drag and drop?

Yes, if you have 10+ values and add several new ones.

Would you want the reordering to be an action you trigger as needed, or do you need it to be a toggle (so that you can switch back to the original, manually defined order)?

A simple alphabetical order on the save field setting would be enough. Just wanted to highlight – the solution from Salesforce with the checkbox looks very odd because the system doesn’t save the checkbox state in the database. I guess, it should be some better UI solution. Maybe a button “Reorder alphabetically” or something similar.

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So the checkbox is just a ui control for triggering? If you check and then uncheck, what happens?