"Similar Entities" AI Action

Please consider a “similar pages/entities” feature. I use this heavily in my research. Something like the smart connections plugin in Obsidian or the “similar to this mem” in Mem. I don’t always remember to link items directly or even remember things I’ve written a long time ago. This is easy and cheap to do using embeddings.

Surprising as it may be, this single feature in Obsidian is the only thing stopping me from switching to Fibery full time.


Ooo, yes that’s a great idea!

I like this idea as well. But it’s probably better put into feature request section not Fiber AI, since GPT is trained based on public data and not the fibery database data, I am not sure AI can help provide this function at the moment. Maybe later after the GPT plugin system is available.

It is possible to do it when you index Fibery data and put it into some vector database. We are already working on it


Wow, that’s very cool! I can imagine chat with your database coming :smiley:

This will be a game changer!!!