Should I Invest in Fibery? (individual PKM use case)

I’m still straddling a few apps. Obsidian, Coda, Notion. Wanting to move to Fibery, setting up my system in it, just waiting lol…

The personal use people are important. They are the ones that see their note-app as part of their identity and become raving fans. They make YouTube videos and talk about it on Twitter. They are bursting to share it with their friends, family, work team. They experiment and push the boundaries of the app and find new ways to use it and tell everyone else. I think Fibery needs some of that passion. Heck if I thought Fibery valued me as a user now and going forward I would be one of those raving fans.

Also I looked on YouTube and there are very very few videos about Fibery (most from the company’s channel, others are old or just not… good). Most posts I see about Fibery on say, Twitter, are about yarn or how nobody knows about the app yet.


Indeed, I have been looking at several tools on reddit and youtube. Fibery was not one of them, and first time I saw Fibery, I didn’t realize the power of it. There should be more videoes of how to create eg. book tracker, a more personalized stuff.

I would like to see some videoes about how we can be creative in Fibery in different ways and learn doing awesome stuff!


Yes, precisely. It is not so much that personal users are going to be a major revenue channel, but they can be a very good “wedge”. I’ve said it many times before, but this is what really made Notion and created its huge success. In a highly competitive/crowded industry like this, you need some way(s) of getting noticed, standing out.

Personal use is not the magic bullet for all problems, but right now visibility is one of Fibery’s biggest issues. The feature set is good, it can be a high bar to entry, but personal use first also helps with that. And visibility in the market has been a problem for long enough at this point that to me it’s clear Fibery needs to do something drastic to change it. They’ve tried all kinds of different traditional marketing strategies and partners, basically all have failed to have any significant impact.

Virtually no one who is working with a tool professionally is making regular video or other social media content about different tools or how great their workflow is. This is by far an activity motivated by personal users, personal enthusiasm, etc. And the little content there is that is focused on professional users is often quite boring and gets little engagement (probably unsurprisingly). Fibery team can generate fun or “honest” content, that’s great, but it just can’t scale. Personal users also generate and share more resources like Templates. Most businesses are not going to share their internal business flow processes as templates, even if proprietary info/processes is not a concern. There is just little motivation for them to do so. Mostly the opposite is true for personal users, they have a lot of intrinsic motivation to share, at least if they are enthusiastic about the tool.

So we need enthusiastic, passionate users evangelizing. The way to get there is a combination of positioning (website copy, etc.), pricing (simply adding a personal pricing tier makes it much more clear to potential personal users that this is a tool they should even consider), features (what do personal users need that is relatively easy to implement or improve?), and support/outreach to those types of users (e.g. a dedicated personal use onboarding webinar, etc.).


Ah yeah. I’m also just waiting to move my private notes to Fibery… just gave Napkin $100 for a lifetime account in the hope that it covers some of my process, but I won’t hold my breath. Glad to use Fibery for work, but I’d love to move over for my personal stuff too.
In the end, I expect that PKM will need a bunch of tools that work together well. I’d see it like this:

  1. Knowledge aggregation tools (e.g. Readwise, KIndle, etc.) bring data in
  2. Fibery is the glue and structures it
  3. Digestion happens in Fibery and specialised tools like Napkin

… oh well, one can dream. :slight_smile:


I do hope to keep individual tier free with all the features for as long as possible.


I am almost convinced to support PKM use case in Fibery, but I am not sure we can spend significant effort on that use case so far. It’s interesting what are the major blockers that will unlock it for you?


PKM users assemble! lol, but seriously…

@mdubakov Probably the top ROI thing you could enable, since it seems it is already built, would be that local file sync you shared. Even without any improvements or worrying about links or special markdown syntax, it would already be insanely useful for me. 2-way sync and auto-sync as a part of that would be even better. Just release the bare bones version and iterate from there. That would take care of some things like Readwise right off the bat.

Next would be a section within each entity showing similar entities by way of embeddings. Just like the smart connections plugin in Obsidian or Mem’s related mems. Cheap and one of my most used functionalities. (If you had 2 way sync with local files Obsidian would take care of this for me).

After that would be more love for documents/pages, but you already know that and have some good ideas there. Making them entities, making it easier to create new docs, fast, from anywhere.

I’m curious what others think. @Oshyan @njyo @harunkilic @YvetteLans


I think there are two groups:

  • The ‘heavy PKM users’ who already use a lot of tools and therefor miss a lot in Fibery.
  • The ‘just getting started users’ who are convinced that they need a PKM but will be pleased quite easily because they don’t have anything now.

My clients and myself currently belong in the ‘just getting started’ user group. I’ve build a pretty awesome PKM in my opinion so far in Fibery. And honestly: I have only just started using it, but I use it so intensely every day that I already don’t want to work without it. It’s literally my second brain which give me so much headspace for new ideas/creation. (I hope I will not drive @Chr1sG nuts with all my ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

  • I’ve implemented the simple PARA framework of Tiago Forte
  • I’ve made every relation that I could think of between notes, projects, areas and resources. Therefor I can find and relate stuff.
  • The fact that I can link everything together is awesome. I think it’s even better than Tiago’s framework since I don’t move stuff between folders but just simply link it to different entities.

Totally agree. When we go live I will create a lot of blog posts & YouTube videos (in Dutch) so I can explain to my (potential) customers why every entrepreneur needs the workspace I’ve build. The PKM/Second brain part will be one of the 3 biggest USP’s.

I’m already a raving fan, even my PKM is not perfect. But it solves so much of my problems already. I’ve tried something in ClickUp before but that was aweful because everything was a task.

For my current clients (solopreneurs >100k who work with 1-5 freelancers) there are two blockers.

  1. There is no good option to connect a personal PKM workspace with another team workspace in Fibery. And because of the lack of permissions that’s a bit of a deal breaker. Would be great if we can somehow ‘push the stuff that is ready’ from PKM to Team workspace.

For example: I have all my content ideas in my PKM but want the final versions in the team workspace so my team can publish it etc.

  1. There is no sync with an app like Readwise. Therefor half of the information is in Fibery and half is in Readwise; that’s messy. Would be great in the marketing to sell it as ‘one solution’.

Offcourse I can think of a lot of things I want. But these two would be the must haves for me.


I’m wondering how do you envision syncing between different workspaces. I don’t think you’d be able to sync 2-way cause that would just cause conflicts.
Do you think that just being able to pull certain spaces from one fibery workspace to another one in read only mode would be sufficient for your clients?

There is no sync with an app like Readwise. Therefor half of the information is in Fibery and half is in Readwise; that’s messy.

Readwise has a pretty simple API | Readwise. You can pull information from it and get it into fibery with integration.

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As mentioned by Michael in this topic:

That would be great :smile:

Although there is another great solution in my opinion. I think it should be sufficient if ‘My space’ is completely private, even for admins. Like ClickUp also has private workspaces. Then My space can be a PKM.

Yes, for my own situation that’s not a problem. But for my clients I’m foreseeing some problems:

  • The Readwise API currently don’t support a filter based on tags
  • Therefor all highlights will be imported in Fibery

Sometimes that’s what you want. For example: a stand-alone highlight from an article etc. But if you’re reading a book, the separate highlights can create overwhelm. Most of the time you want to summarize/rewrite them before you put them in Fibery.

(We only did a quick test; as far as I could see every seperate highlight is a new record in the database)

So what I ideally want is to help my clients to prevent an information overload. So for example ‘only if a highlight has a tag Fibery then import the highlight in Fibery’.

Via N8N that’s not working properly. Problem is that the updated_at key doesn’t change when you add a tag (only when you edit a highlight). And fetch + filter all data for all of our clients via N8N will take too much server resources.

That’s why a native integration would be best. And hopefully it could work like the Google calendar: “select (tags) what you want to import”

TLDR: we did a quick test, but so far the result is not ideal. @tpaktop have you already build a good integration?


A good solid Readwise integration would add a lot of value, not just for personal use cases. There is no better way to get “stuff” from the wider web into your productivity/knowledge/etc app of choice.


Busy with Toggl integration first. Next integration will be targeting paid users not sure Readwise is a good use case for that.
@Sarah_Arminta @YvetteLans would you pay for using readwise integration ?

Not sure about N8N but from Readwise Advanced API you can a list of books(Books LIST) endpoint and filter by those with native integration

For tags I don’t see ability to filter by tags in the readwise api. But tags are exported directly from book list. Beside potential privacy issues you can use fibery filtering capabilities instead of trying to rely on readwise. Essentially:

  1. Sync all notes for selected books to Fibery.
  2. Create a view in fibery where only notes with fibery tag are displayed using fibery filter.
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I would pay for a Readwise integration that functions like the Obsidian or Notion integrations. No hesitation.

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I think a lot of users will :slight_smile: We will fix the integration somehow for our own use cases and for the use cases of our own customers (it’s our job :smile:). So we will not pay for it.

But if that wasn’t the case I would definitely pay for it.

There is not technical problem to import all the notes into Fibery and then filter or cleanup there.

But I’m investigating how we can prevent putting thousands of records (each highlight = 1 record) into the database of Fibery when it’s not needed. Because after years that’s a lot of data which will slow things down :slight_smile:

So that needs to be fixed with a script/automation in Fibery or we’ll find a way before importing with the Readwise API (still waiting on a reply from Readwise).


Since I’m also a big fan of PKM and advocating for it within Fibery, I’d love to connect with you guys if possible in April to talk about - how new additions improved the PKM game and what we can do together to start spreading the word in better way :slight_smile:

Looking at you @tpaktop @Sarah_Arminta @YvetteLans and @Oshyan :wink:
are you up for a call?


@Petr sure, you have calendly link?

Sounds great!

Here’s my Calendly… Calendly - Petr Palan (@Fibery_io)

My first thought was to meet with all four of you to have a kinda group chat which has more idea-bouncing potential, but I realise we might be in different timezones and def on different schedules.

So I give it a try here with 3 options: if any of those fits more than 1 person :slight_smile:

  • Option 1a: Apr6 (Thu) 1-2:30pm EET

  • Option 1b: Apr6 (Thu) 5-6:30pm EET

  • Option 2a: Apr4 (Fri) 8-9:30am EET

  • Option 2b: Apr4 (Fri) 2-3:30pm EET

  • Option 3a: Apr12 (Wed) 1-2:30pm EET

  • Option 3b: Apr12 (Wed) 5-6:30pm EET

And I’m more than happy to have individual chats as well :pray: so use my Calendly freely :wink:


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I presume you mean EEST? As EET is not active atm.
In age of AI we are still struggling with timezones :slight_smile:

2b works for me.