Shopify Custom Integration

I met a couple of amazing business owners at NY Tech Week who are interested in creating better insights for Shopify store owners.

Has anyone worked with Shopify Data in Fibery before? I’m considering creating a custom integration for this use and would love to hear any thoughts/feedback from Shopify API veterans.

with more advanced, I ownd some several shoping website like wordpress, i wanna replace google sheet with fibery as own database, Do we have custom Integrate for that?
Also 2 limited API seem really limit to build automation or integrate with others @Chr1sG

You don’t need a custom integration. You can use zapier or (referral) to copy over new data from Shopfiy to Fibery. I’m certain you can replace Google Sheets with Fibery. If you’d like some help, maybe we can chat about it?

I have built connections to Fibery that copied 20,000 records or more via the API. What limitation have you run into?

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Does have limited like zapier ? Recently I’m using gitlab as host and also build fibery as CMS directly
So I wonder, Can we do the similar things like this to multi shopify without going through middle like zapier/ make/ integromat ?
In my biz, not really a Shopify page, some store running as a landing page only but custom a lot, and I really wanna to do this in Fibery only, not through web page