LinkedIn integration

Has anyone perhaps tried integrating with LinkedIn to support their Sales/Marketing pipeline? I’ve so far imported our Connections and Invitations manually to Fibery a few days ago. I’m now wondering what’s the best available way to sync the data automatically and whether there might be a ready solution out there.

Have you looked at Zapier and/or Make?
It seems like they have some integration with LinkedIn (although I don’t know the details of the events/actions that are supported).
Fibery works with both of these platforms.

I should’ve qualified my question - I’m not very keen on using either of those. As a developer I don’t find them very operationally friendly (plus unnecessarily expensive).

You could take the long way home: Create Custom Fibery Integrations Apps (Fast)

Thanks, I’m now realising that my question is significantly more focused on how to integrate with LinkedIn API in general API rather than anything specific to Fibery :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now of a view that this wasn’t the right forum for my question, but just FYI at the moment I’m considering two approaches:

  • connect to LinkedIn HTTP API via custom integration. The problem I’m facing at the moment is their documentation is extremely chaotic and confusing, so in part my question here was probing if someone had to confront that before.
  • manually export LinkedIn data and upload to S3 (and do that every week or so until people get fed up with the process). Then write custom Fibery integration that syncs data from S3.
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