Integrating with Outlook or Google Contacts

I am looking for general advice or guidance here on how best to move our contact information from Fibery into either Outlook or Google Contacts. As best as I can tell, this would require using Zapier or Make. I have tried to set this up but run into stumbling blocks all the time. here are some of the key issues i am running up against.

  1. do i have to create separate integrations for when the entity is created and when it is updated?
  2. how would i set up a two way sync so changes can be made on either end?
  3. how do i prevent duplication of entities? for example, i have a client who goes by Anne and Annie. how would either Fibery or Google know to merge those entities? common email address?

There used to be a wonderful little software called PieSync that did this beautifully, but alas it no longer exists.

a little context for our use case. we are pushing for Fibery to be our single source of truth in our organization and is also the place where most Contacts are created. In a perfect world, i create the contact in Fibery, it moves to Outlook or Google Contacts, and then from their I can push it pretty much anywhere else i need, Quickbooks for accounting, RingCentral for VOIP, etc

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Two-way sync is quite a challenge - what happens if a contact is changed in Google Contacts by one person, and is changed in Fibery by someone else?
Reliably resolving conflicts is not easy.

If that’s the case, then it would seem that one-way sync out of Fibery would be the way to go.

I presume you mean separate ‘zaps’, and I believe that Zapier has a single trigger - ‘Update (or create)’ - which you can utilise.
I might suggest that you create a custom field in Google Contacts (or wherever) where you store a value that represents the Fibery public id for the matching contact. This might make it easy to ensure that you always sync the right items (rather than relying on looking for a match, which could be unreliable since I imagine the values of any fields you choose to match on, could change over time).

How would you imagine solving this problem if Fibery didn’t exist? I mean, if someone creates a new contact, Annie, because they don’t know that Anne already exists, what should happen?
We do have a deduplication template you might take inspiration from.

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