Matching the same email address between entities of different contact databases

This is potentially a common need…

because Fibery email integration feature creates a new Contact database, and likely users have their own Contact database already, and want to synchronize contacts between these databases.


Is it possible in a fibery formula field to find and link two entities of two separate databases if they both have fields that contain the same email address?

Text vs Email type field

The use case is that I have a fibery Email integration database ‘Contact’ and another contacts database ‘Contact’ from another space. I want to automatically synchronize contacts with a one-one relationship between the databases. Both contain a a field ‘Email’, although I see that the integration database does not utilize the email field type, but just a text field for it.


I tried with scripting and graphql but am still learning that and a few hours later it did not work yet.

Have you tried using a 1:1 auto-linking relation?

OMG I totally overlooked that. Built in goodness from Fibery. Thank you!