Link to one of 2 possible entities

When an order is created we automatically link an order (via automation) to a contact. Or, if contact does not excist, we create a new contact.

We check whether or not the contact excist by checking if the emailadress is already used by one of the excisting contacts. Therefor we use this formula:

[Contacts (Database)].Filter([E-mail] = [Step 1 Order].[E-mail]).Sort().First()

But our contacts can have up to 2 emailadresses. So therefore we have 2 fields (E-mail and 2e E-
). Is there a way to check in both fields to see if in one of those fields the emailadress already excists.

I thought something like below, but that was probably thought to easy ;-).

[Contacts (Database)].Filter([E-mail] or [2e E-mailadres] = [Step 1 Order].[E-mail]).Sort().First()

@YvetteLans FYI

[Contacts (Database)].Filter([E-mail] = [Step 1 Order].[E-mail] OR [2e E-mailadres] = [Step 1 Order].[E-mail]).Sort().First()

You need to OR two conditions, rather than OR’ing the two email addresses :slight_smile:

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