Formula to decide if there is more than 1 email address in a text field

I’m trying to create a checkbox formula that’s true when there is more than 1 email address in a text field.

So my approach was to first replace everything else then the @ and then count the found @.

Find(ReplaceRegex([Email], "/[^@]/", ""), "@") > 1

But the ReplaceRegex formula (that ChatGPT generated) does not work.

Does somebody know the correct ReplaceRegex formula?

And if you have a better approach how to conclude if there is more than 1 email address, that’s also welcome :smile:

You’re not counting the number of @s
Using Find() will return the position of the first @ encountered.
Try using Length() to find the length of the string after all the non-@ characters have been removed.

Sounds good, thanks!

But how can I remove al non-@ characters? This ReplaceRegex doesn’t work in Fibery

ReplaceRegex([Email], "/[^@]/", "")

It seems that Fibery uses a different syntax than usual.

It should just work with this

ReplaceRegex([Email], "[^@]", "")


Awesome! Thanks again :star_struck: