Conditional logic for Look Up

I often want to lookup related entities based upon search criteria. Currently, I want to lookup the Event records associated with a contact only if they attended the event (as opposed to just registering).

One way to do that would be to have two Event collections in Contact - one for “registered events” and a separate one for “attended events”.

You could also create a Formula field with filter() to make such a Lookup, as long as all of the required filter criteria are members of the Contact and Event DBs.

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This is my current solution!
However, now that I’m looking into smart folders for report creation, I find myself looking to eliminate these in-between fields to simplify entity relationships.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for native support of auto-linked relationships that can have a more-complex definition than simple field equality.

Will the Formula approach not work? That gives you a filtered version of the existing “complete” collection. But I don’t know what you’re trying to do in this report…