Sep 21, 2023 / 🥹 Watch Entity (through tears), AI Search is out of beta, no fixed bugs

How do I disable the auto-watching of entities that I have created or at least hide unnecessary changes from automation rules? I get spammed with tons of notifications from changes due to automation for our tickets that trigger after creation due to that change…

And this is just not true, there is no such automation rule on our database yet they are still auto-watched.

I think the point is that, from now on, creators are not automatically watchers, but those who were previously made watchers based on the default rule, will not have been removed as watchers.

You can turn off watch on any entity you like.

We already released a version when auto-watch for newly created entities is disabled. For entities created from yesterday till today (~11 am CET) watch was enabled.

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This rule you can create for yourself if you need it. It is just an example

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Is something missing is this bug report ? For the first time I got zero feedback on a post here.

My point is that new entities (that I just created) are still getting auto-watched, even without any rule.
This was created just a few seconds ago.

Yes, that’s what I would expect.

Please note that we have another rule as well, entity you assigned to are also auto-watched. Here I believe this was the case.

Ah, I see. Please make that optional the same way as well. We auto-assign people on creation. Having them get notification about every individual change in the ticket is extreme overkill (and a behaviour change without any way to disable it) and should be based on a choice by the user.

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As a general feedback besides the auto-watching: I would expect the auto-watching to toggle-able on a per-user basis in their settings as some might want this and others not. Doing it on a per-database basis might work for some workflows but not for others.

I’m pretty sure that notification of changes to Assignees has always been enabled, even before the new ‘watch’ functionality was added.

Each user can define his/her own filters for the Inbox:

No. You would only get notified about comments when you were assigned, not about changes in every single field.

That filter does not work. I only need notifications about specific changes on specific entity types. Neither does the filter allow filtering for that (e.g. specific fields) nor should every single user in a company be required to setup the filters manually. We already have automation that sends notifications on changing of specific fields that we need people to get notified about, we don’t need notifications for every field (e.g. some are just not interesting for the assignee and only for planning/tracking by project leads or managers)

I’m really confused as to how anyone would think that “breaking existing workflows without a way to fix it” is okay…

Ah yes, you’re right, it was comments only. My bad, sorry.

I am not sure what you mean here. The fallback is to have this filter, so you will not have Watch notifications at all and almost everything will be like without Watch feature.

Ah, I see. But while this at least gets rid of the spam in the notification this would mean that there is no way to manually decide which entities to watch and which you don’t want to watch. I really don’t understand how auto-watching can’t just be a toggle in your user profile (or an automation like what you added for entity creation)

You can manually unwatch anything

The other case of notification spam I notice is when I take actions that result in changes like comments and so I get informed that a comment was added through the automation I triggered.

But I can see that filtering this out might be more hassle than the savings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Right, but having to do two additional clicks just to restore the previous. wanted behaviour is really not ideal. (And doesn’t even solve the issue fully as someone else might assign you, then you are back to square one getting spammed until you go online again and are able to go through the motions of unwatching it)

We removed notifications for Rules on prod as well now, so basically two major sources of spam removed:

  • No more auto-watch when you create entity
  • No notifications from automatic Rules for watched entities.

Let’s see how it will work