Right-click menu longer than browser window

Right-click menu needs filters or folders - too many items visible - and the list overflows the page height.
Example of one of my databases its entity right click menu:


Wow, you have a lot of automations!
I don’t know how many users suffer from the same problem.

Very much agree! I created an idea for this last year. See below:

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Overflowing page height - it needs vertical scrollbars
This is the right-click menu in a table view.

Out of interest, what’s the difference between a Y Page and a Page (or a Y Note and a Note, or a …)?

The Y Page and the Page (any duplicate versions of database names) are part of different Spaces with different group permissions set. Once entity level permissions is implemented for groups in access templates, this workaround is not necessary any more. Am I correct?

This keeps on being a problem and makes the right-click menu unworkable.

Given the progress being made on permissions and bearing in mind this

then the number of databases/automations (and thus the size of the right click menu) will perhaps soon be reduced, in your particular case.

In the meantime, any other users with similar challenges are welcome to comment/vote here.

Unfortunately that won’t suffice because its not (only) the number of databases appearing, it is also the number of automation buttons. For example:

I think sooner or later this really needs addressed and it can be a simple css fix like making a vertical scroll appear just like it has been (partly) fixed in this issue:

Yes, a scroll bar would solve the UI issue, will log it.
It doesn’t address the topic as described in the title: ‘needs filters or folders’ though :person_shrugging:

I adapted the Title, thanks.