Make scrollbar appear when needed in list levels dropdown

Let’s suppose you want (the often needed) list with ‘recently created entities’ of all entity types.
I created a list with all the entity types in the space, which is a big space with 40 entity types. The dropdown menu for adding levels to the list, does not create a scrollbar when the list exceeds the browser window. Uses can’t add more levels than allowed by the height of their browser window.

We are facing the same isue when we have to many databases in a list. My current workaround is zoom out until I’m able to go to the bottom :sweat_smile:

My current workaround is to use Stylebot (chrome plugin) to modify the layout of Fibery in different ways. For this issue, I add css code:

.o1h57z7n.ListToolbarLevels {
overflow-y: scroll;
max-height: 400px;


Of course this only works for personal use, not for all users. Looking forward for this bug to be fixed.

This bug was fixed :slight_smile:

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@Polina_Zenevich Still some final touches needed…because the same applies to the database select list in Fields, Filter and Sort:

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