Reports: Is TOTAL broken?


My interpretation of this description (and what would be useful) is that TOTAL( MEDIAN([val]) ) would calculate the MEDIAN of val across all records in the source dataset.

If that was the case, I should be able to plot:

MEDIAN([val]) / TOTAL( MEDIAN([val]) )

and get a result for each row that is the row’s MEDIAN(val) scaled by the entire dataset’s MEDIAN(val). That would be quite useful, to normalize all the row values.

But instead I get tiny values from the above formula – the largest is 0.017.

So either TOTAL() is broken, or its description is wrong, or I don’t understand something else…

Can you share the report config and the database info so we can see some specifics?

Before I go to the trouble - am I correct in my interpretation of how TOTAL should work?

I believe so, but I’m not actually sure myself what the definition of ‘the entire dataset’ should be (e.g. when more than one db is in the source and or filters are being used)

After a quick experiment, it seems like TOTAL calculates the total of all the medians*, not the median of all the entities:


*or whatever aggregation method you’re using

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Yeah, that’s what I thought too. So either the TOTAL doc description is wrong, or TOTAL is broken.

So is there any way to normalize each row’s data by the MIN/MAX/AVG/etc (not SUM) of all rows?