Report: how to show the average value of a select field across all entities in a database?

I’m trying to workaround the absence of a multi-user rating field in Fibery:

I have a database ‘Rating’ that contains

  • a relation collection field to database ‘Page’
  • a select field with 5 options: 1 to 5 stars,
  • a user select field.

In the Page database has an automation button ‘New Rating’ which allows the user to submit a rating value in the popup window. The automation fills in the Page and User automatically.

The Rating relation field in the Page display, is the closest to what I see als helpful for users to have insight in all ratings of users for that page, although it does not display an average rating. I hope that views calculations are coming soon to assist in this workaround, or better, fibery gets a multi-user rating feature.

In the meantime, I like to have one Report view that lists all Pages and their average value of their ratings. How can I create that?

Have you considered just a formula field in the Page db to calculate the average of all the linked Ratings (assuming that the select field in the Rating db has values for the options)?

If you do want to make a table report, then you should use the Rating db as the source db (not the Page db) and then have one column which is Page and one column which is AVG([select field value]).

Or you might want to consider using a context report view on for the rating relation collection field on the page entity view, and then just have a KPI of average rating value, or maybe a table with the user as a column, the rating value as a column (with average as the aggregation).