Comparison Analysis

Im trying fibery, and i think i got a good grasp of the basics. Ive been trying multiple apps just testing before commiting so i started an apps comparison (fibery and other alternatives) since analysis comparisons are important to me.

But im struggling with the setup.
As far as listing features, giving a rating or listing pricing is all fine…

Thing is i wanted to make a more focused analysis and comparison of features on each, pros and cons and all that- hopefully as a view focusing in one feature at a time, listing the apps with that feature for comparison

Question 1: Text
Ive used RichText field to describe and later update my impressions, per entity.
but on my goal of making a view comparing one feature at a time i wanted to write my impressions on each app regarding that feature alone- and having a way of seeing then side by side for comparison. But currently tables and boards cant show richtext field, only single line (wich isnt enough).

  • is there some way around that?
  • i considered using a brief 1 line short review- but the only way i figured out to have each view(feature comparison) show only that desired field would be creating text fields for each feature. that would be somewhat doable if it were a field added on case by case (if one entity have X feature, adding a textline field about that feature)… but i only figured out how to add fields to types as whole- wich would require dozens of fields(1 per feature) that would clutter every entity, even the ones that would only use half or a few of then…
  • … can fields be created, or set to appear/hidden per entity?

Question 2: Values
Is there an way to assign values/ratings per field or relation?
I know i can create any number of numeric fields, call each however many topics id like to rate- but since im already assigning type relationships or multi-select tags that share the same names i wonder if theres a way to correlate the information withou manually repeating fields about the same thing.

  • One of the things id like to do(not with this test, but if i keep with fibery) is on a view with columns by type be able to sort-order the lists by a rating/value that each listed entity was assigned in regards to that specific type.

I know i can make a doc analysis, do an old fashioned table and so on- im just trying to embrace and explore the whole ‘data once, any views’ potential of fibery wich is the main thing that attracted me. I dont know if any apps can do those things specifically either, just trying to figure out how id best go at it on fibery - and trying to find how to best save me time and have the information within the whole app/type framework without hacks or gaps.

Im also open to suggestion on other ways someone would setup something like that, even hacks and workarounds if thats the only way.
For example, despite its many many limitations, in Notion i figured i could do specific text fields in a database(with more text), and on a filtered grid view make the cards/thumbnails show only that 1 field (making a visual side by side comparison of what ive written in that one topic)… not what it was intended for, not a pretty solution but a roundabout way of achieving the intention. Is there any such out of the box solutions for something like this, or advanced features im missing?

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