Remove "No <top-level>" row from hierarchical List views if filter excludes those

I have three or four List views in our workspace which are hierachical, and where the top-level entity being null makes no sense for the view.

Consider two entities Foo and Bar, with a 1-to-many from Foo to Bar.
If you make a List view of Foo with nested children:

  • Foo
    • Bar

Then even if you add a filter on Bar for “Foo is not empty”, a “No Foo” row shows up in the lists, which doesn’t make sense - the filter means there will never be any items under this.

Now I’ve made this topic I can see there’s a Get Help topic for the same: Remove 'no relationship' section from the list view

Please could you remove the “No [entity type]” line if the view is filtered such that it makes no sense?