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Thanks for joining the discussion! Here’s a quick response to your points:

Saving Highlighted Text in a Reference Database in Markdown Format
We are planning to save highlighted text in a separate reference database, and it will be in Markdown format. This means the highlight won’t update automatically if the original text changes. For instance, if you quote something like “the customer loves the red color,” and later, the original text changes to “the customer hates the red color,” the meaning of your quote would change too. We think it’s important to notify the person who created the reference if the original text changes so it can be reviewed and updated it as needed.

We plan to save the quoted text without links (since we cannot follow them) or images, replacing them with placeholder text.

Organizing References Chronologically
We are also working on organizing reference entries in a database. This will allow you to view them in a list and create formulas, automation, and reports. I believe this will address most of your concerns.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions.


After a long radio silence, we have begun developing the Reference Creation and Settings feature. While there are still some moving parts, the core concept is finalized.

Please watch the video that explains how the Reference creation will work.

This is the right time to provide feedback on the functionality and flow of the feature.


Seriously I’m really waiting for this, day by day, week by week to looking this release. I dont know how Thursday evening become my routine to check the release weekly.
I just watched the demo, that’s really make a fantastic move when It can solve both pkm and user feedback
Really looking for this week release. Anyway thank you for your team

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You might want to dampen down your enthusiasm :wink: I don’t expect there will be a release of this functionality for a couple of months yet, at least.

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