Question on 'joining' tables!

Hey guys!

Okay I’m trying to do something in Fibery and I’m running into a challenge. Maybe someone can help me? I’d appreciate it!

I’m trying to track the finances of a tiny non-profit. I have one Fibery database that lists the donors. Another that lists every transaction (every time we receive a donation), like a transaction history. And I have a third one that lists their promises (we’ll have a campaign where someone promises to donate $100/month for one year; it’s structured as a promise number, and you can choose a single select for which campaign it is, and then in the other database of the transactions, I have a single select to list the campaign (so theoretically I can match up the campaigns). (Is this the right way to set it up? Let me know if you have a better idea!)

I’m looking to create a report, table, or list, where I can just take one campaign (which is a single select in both the transactions table, and the donation promises table), and for each campaign (the select options) see the list of people who made promises, and the total that they contributed towards the promise.

Any guidance on how to go about doing this?

Thank you :slight_smile: morgan

On first reading, it sounds like Campaign should be a database of its own, which links to Transaction and Promise databases (one-to-many) so it behaves like a single-select which they both can link to.
Then you can just open an Campaign entity and see what the linked Promises and Transactions were, as well as a load of other options for views and reports.

OMG - Chris - that was perfect! Exactly the right structure! You guys are awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

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