Prod vs Dev environments

Apologies if this has already been discussed, I searched briefly for these topics but didn’t find anything. it would be nice to have a distinction between a production environment, where the various apps can be used with my team on our company data, and a dev environment where we can try things out and make mistakes (and where I might be able to hire a consultant to build Spaces without being able to access my important/secure data). Perhaps it could be enabled only in an “advanced” mode. Is anything like this in the works?

You might find some value in this topic:

Thanks Chris - the suggestion to create a duplicate workspace seems like a good idea. But is it something that can be done at scale, every time you want developers to make a change?

Well, there are no limits to when/how often you create a workspace clone, so it’s scalable, but only to the extent that it has to be done manually