Problem with the way Fibery counts in charts

I have built a tracker for a yearly goal broken up into months as phases. I have added “name” as the horizontal axis for a chart. Names are “Month 1” to “Month 12”, however, it is shown in this order: Month 1, Month 10, Month 11, Month 12, Month 2, Month 3… This really messes with my charts / tracking. I tried using “Public ID” for the horizontal axis but it counts the same way. Do you know if there is any option to change this?

Have you tried using double digits, e.g. Month 01, Month 02 etc.?
Or even M01 January, M02 February, M03 March etc.

This will likely resolve the issue but is definitely a nuisance.
I may have a chance to test this later this week

As an alternative, would it be worth considering using a single-select field instead of a text field for the months? That would likely make it easier to arrange sorting in any order you wanted…