Poor Alignment and Readability of Heading, List, and Entity Reference in Document

The main goal i have here is to be able to reference an entity in a heading, then have a list of notes about that entity that is collapsible and generally is easy to read. I’ve found a couple issues when doing this that forces me to not use entity references in some contexts.

  1. Reference in Document: Referencing an entity in a heading is not in line with any other text in the heading
  2. Bullet Spacing: There is far too much space between each bullet in the document, which hurts readability because the space between the bullets is similar to the space between the bottom of the bullets and the next heading. The poor association of the bullets to the heading is compounded in this example because the spacing between the bullets is more than the space between the heading and the first bullet.

I think would contribute to an overall more polished-looking document capability for a pretty small time investment.

Example of Problem:

After some playing around, I found the styling was improved a good bit by just disabling some styles, that I can’t seem to see any negative impact to doing. There could be something I haven’t run into yet though. It isn’t quite perfect and there might need to be a small HTML tweak to make the styling easier. This could definitely be improved further, but this is just to demonstrate how a small css change improves how my documents look.

Example after applying some small css changes:

CSS Changes Applied:

.ProseMirror li {
  margin-bottom: 0;

.enhance > .EntityNodeView {
  min-height: inherit;
  line-height: inherit;
  margin-bottom: inherit;

Yes I’d love to see some of these odd formatting issues addressed at some point. Not a huge priority of mine, but glad you are bringing this up!

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Many thanks for all the details :face_with_monocle:
Forwarded to the designers - will fix that soon.

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Thanks, adding another more complete example for bullets in general. It seems like the first nested bullet under a bullet is too close to the parent compared to each additional sub-bullet. I’m sure there are some good examples in Roam or Notion for comparison.

With some style tweaks applied:


Thanks for going to the trouble to document these, keep them coming! You are highlighting things that also have struck me in the Rich Text area of Fibery. Generally, it’s a terrific design, but a lot of these little quirks really prevent it from being on a world class level and rival the experience in Notion. But I feel like these are all fixable. Let’s hope the team can address them soon!

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