BUG: Cursor weirdness in Rich Text with inline entity links

  • If a line in Rich Text begins with an inline entity link, and
  • your cursor is at the beginning of the preceding or next line,
  • when you hit cursor up/down to move to the (beginning of the) adjacent line that starts with an entity link,
  • the cursor unexpectedly moves to the end of the line.

What is expected: the cursor should move up/down to the beginning of the line, not jump to the end of the line.


When clicking (mistakenly) on a commented part of Rich Text, the “Add comment” box opens, but hitting Esc does not close it - the mouse is required to abort leaving a new comment.


  • Converting a single Bulleted-List item to a Checkbox will convert every item in the list
  • Cannot convert a Bulleted-list item to a Heading (or Plain text, or anything else)
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