Please improve the left navigation for spaces (space folders etc.)


I’m managing a large number of Fibery spaces (currently around 50) and it’s becoming difficult to find and organize them. The lack of folders and search functionality in the left navigation column creates time-consuming challenges:

  • Constant Expansion/Collapse: Needing to manually manage the open/closed state of spaces is inefficient.
  • Scrolling Overload: Spending excessive time locating the correct space.
  • Permission Complexity: Difficulty providing seamless access and permissions for teams across multiple spaces.


I initially used a workaround of combining multiple databases into a single space, primarily for simplified permission management. I’m eagerly awaiting the “Permission Groups” feature to streamline this further.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Folders for Spaces: Introduce folders to group and organize spaces, allowing for easier navigation and management.
  • Space Search: A search field to quickly locate specific spaces would be a huge time-saver.
  • Collapse all spaces button This would be incredibly helpful, or an option ‘collapse other spaces when expanding a space’
  • Pin Spaces to the top Because we use a few spaces most of the time

Additional Thoughts:

I’ve explored using the “Hidden for me” folder but the limitations on folder hierarchy and team-based permission control make it less ideal.


FYI, there are ca 0.05% of workspaces that have 50+ spaces, so a number of the challenges you are facing are not likely to be experienced by many other users.

You might want to consider voting for specific feature requests, e.g.

and maybe others I haven’t found with a quick search