Feature Request: Filter for sidebar

Have stated this before but figured I’d make an official request.

Sidebar navigation can be crazy… Finding spaces and folders you’ve purposefully organized is challenging. As much as I love Fibery, this is one of its major pain points from a navigation standpoint, in my opinion.

We’d like to see a filter input field for the “Sidebar” exactly like the one created for the “Timeline” view.

CleanShot 2024-03-04 at 08.27.02

It would be ideal to filter out Spaces, Folders, and Views that match the keyword you input.

Similar request would be to add Folders in the Sidebar.

  • Marketing Folder > 5 spaces
  • Engineering Folder > 4 spaces
  • Accounting > 2 spaces
  • HR > 3 spaces

I feel that folders encompassing spaces still leaves the primary issue, which is locating folders and views within spaces while using the visual context of the sidebar.

Currently, you can search for views in Fibery Search but if you don’t recall the exact name or you have many views with similar names inside of different spaces, it gets challenging to filter. It also feels pointless to organize views and folders within the sidebar as it becomes like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This is why I think a filter, just like Fibery has implemented for the timeline view is ideal.