Personal Non Hierarchical task management / TEPOD Framework

Based on the reveal of productivity framework by BenCodeZen.

The Main idea is to create non-hierarchical/flexible structure for task management system where the system adapts to user instead of user forcing itself into the system. As soon as I heard that, I instantly thought of Fibery and 15 min later had a template ready :wink:



I recommend now to Publish the template to the web, thus it will be easier to explore!

Note this flag to hide other published spaces from menu and focus on only one


Great work @tpaktop thanks.
I suspect your template should include a relationship between objectives and directions if it is to mimic the TEPOD framework as shown in the image, but perhaps it’s something a user can do themselves so they learn how relations work :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed. I was planning to add this as part of bigger change.
Noticed that I wanted to track time spent and haven’t had much success with that but I have had another idea which might serve other users as well

Have you seen this?
Time logging in Fibery - YouTube

Updated relationship and shared to web
TODO: Come up with better sample data

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