Pause notification in automation

Hey guys,

Could it be possible to add a feature to prevent the Fibery Ghost to send a notification when automation is triggered?
Best option could be to define a 2 steps options at the rule level (e.g. for every automation rule/button):

  • do not sent notification to the user who triggered the rule (e.g. backport the current notification policy to the initial actioner)
  • do not send any notification

We do have a use case where you do not directly manipulate Assignees for instance (but a custom field which is supporting more limitation - one to many relation for instance), and we do sometimes have ghost duplicated items (mostly for processing purpose) that are being updated in real time with user facing item.


For automations, where notification is an action, there is an option to choose whether the author of the change that triggered the notification should be notified:

For the Assignee notifications, it is not currently possible to turn off notifications, irrespective of whether a colleague assigned you, or Fibery ghost assigned you.
We’ll keep an eye on demand for this.