Turn off notifications from Fibery rule

Is there a way/workaround to turn off the ‘assigned by Fibery (rule)’ notifications?

We use a lot of context view with filter ‘assignee = me’ → then Fibery will set the assignee but you will receive a notification for each and every item that you create.


It’s not possible to turn off notifications of assignment for those that were generated automatically (by a filter).
You can turn them off for all causes of assignment, but I suspect that’s not what you need.

No that’s unfortunately not an option since I then miss the valuable stuff from the team. Is it a known feature request? Or are we the only one? :sweat_smile:

I realise that I may have misunderstood your question. Are you asking about notifications that come from a rule that assigns a user, or notifications that come because a user is automatically assigned due to the creation of a card in a view with a filter of ‘Assigned to me’.

I was answering about the latter, but if you meant the former, then it is possible to turn off notifications generated by rules:

This was our use case :smiling_face_with_tear: so no good solution unfortunately.

I’m confused. Which was your use case?
Your initial image looks like assignment due to a rule (for which notifications can be turned off).

Hi Chris,

I’m also confused haha.

When I turn off the setting, I still receive the notification.

You can try it in our space.

  1. Turn of the notifications
  2. Add a new resource here.
  3. Find out that you received a notification via Inbox :woman_shrugging:t2: