Option to filter on "time" from entity's datetime in month view

Would be nice to have the option to show just time from the datetime of entities in the month display of a calendar view.

Related: Although the below post is specifically about Grid view, it actually applies to all views:

You can extract the time from the datetime field using a formula. Obviously not as good as an editable field, but if you just need to show the time as a field on a card, maybe it’s good enough.

I’m having trouble seeing how I would do that with the function options provided - code you provide a pseudocode example?

Middle(ToText(Date), 12, 5)

FYI this topic’s title mentions filtering, but in the body text you just talk about showing the time, so I hope I understood the need correctly.

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Awesome. I added .Start and .End values and a “-” to recreate the look of a time range. I’m running into the UTC issue others have mentioned elsewhere though, but let me elaborate.

The “Date” being converted in the ToText() function is the date range field from a google calendar integrated event. When I convert to text, I get back the UTC value and since it’s text, Fibery isn’t using my browser’s time zone to update the time value, so I’m stuck with UTC time text. Any ideas on how to get the time back as text in my local time zone?

You could add/subtract an offset prior to convert to text, but there would still be issues with summer/winter time.
Timezones are tricky

Okay maybe I can create some sort of conditional for the offset that adjusts by one offset value for half the year and another offset for the other half if I can figure out how to access second Sunday of March and first Sunday of November in the formula.

Also re: filtering I meant filter just the time from the date range value, but I think we’ve gotten the best solution given the existing Fibery capabilities.

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It is almost certainly possible to write a formula that calculates when the switch occurs, but I’m guessing it won’t be pretty!

I could imagine it might actually just be easier to create a database containing the dates of the switches to/from DST (a pair of dates for each year). Then you can auto-link all your entities to the relevant dates based on matching the year of the entities, and it would become much easier in a formula to then determine how many hours to offset.

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I would humbly suggest this might be work that Fibery “should” be doing for users in much the same way as the “World” and Currency Exchange “integrations” work…

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Maybe, but we’re back to the ‘timezones problem’. Given that a workspace can be accessed by multiple users, who may be spread across different timezones, there is no single correct value for ‘local time’.
Formulas are always calculated on the backend, so can’t return different values for different users.

I would imagine that the more likely solution is for Fibery to support a ‘time’ datatype (together with the functions needed to extract time from datetime / combine date + time to form datetime).
In such a situation, the UI rendering would take into account converting to ‘browser time’.

It’s all part of a large pandora’s box of issues that need to be addressed in service of ‘localisation’.

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