Okta Push Group support

With the coming release of Groups, do you plan to add support for Okta Push Group ?
It will allow us to create the groups in Okta, provision groups in Fibery, update groups users from Okta, etc.
Use case:

  • we are creating groups in Okta:
    1. hierarchical groups (team or department) groups: team-*
    2. project or squad based groups: project-* or crew-*
    3. Other types of groups (like a group for our external users, consultants, freelances, etc)
  • 1 and 2 at least are sync to Google Workspace as Google Groups, so we have a group email address and this is also used for G Drive access
  • 1 and 2 are sync to Slack to create Groups: useful for group mention like @team-sales
  • I would like to also linked those groups in Fibery, so a new team group would be created automatically in Fibery and with the right people. And it will be updated when people are moved to different groups.
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Hi Jean,

I wish all feature requests come with the same amount of relevant detail, thank you for that (:

Using Okta groups to manage access in Fibery
We do have an idea to use Okta groups to manage access to Fibery Apps. Here is the gist:

  1. SSO admin combines users into groups (by role/team/squad) in Okta.
  2. These groups are synced into Fibery and linked to appropriate Fibery Users.
  3. These groups become Fibery Groups and are given access to Apps [and Entities].

So the group membership is managed in Okta and then the groups are re-used in Fibery as well as other tools.

Dream scenario
We assume that Okta groups have already been configured. Now a new product manager, Megan, joins the team.

  1. SSO admin adds a new user, Megan, to Okta.
  2. SSO admin adds Megan to Product Managers group.
  3. Profit!!!

Megan has access to Google Workspace, Intercom, and Fibery. Within Fibery, she has Editor access to Roadmapping and Customer Feedback Apps and Viewer access to Strategy App.

But when?
:man_shrugging: Likely in the next 6 months, unlikely in the next 4 weeks. I’ll update on a more specific ETA once we release the basic group permissions publicly.


Thanks Anton for the kind words on the feature request details, building myself software products I know it is frustrating to have vague feedback :slight_smile:

Regarding your description of the dream scenario, that’s exactly what I have in mind.
Those kind of features will really makes Fibery above the other knowledge management apps for business use cases when you want to have 100+ users.