Okta - Provision Admins and Guests

Hi there,

I would like to get an assistance with creating a role-based access within okta.
I couldn’t map or create a custom attribute in Okta to suit Fibery roles.
If you could help me with this topic that would be great.

So, basically what i’m trying to achieve is when assigning a user in Okta to specific Fibery group (that we’ll create) it will provision the user to Fibery with the defined role (Admin/standard/guest) .

Thank you!


Unfortunately, there is no way to specify the kind of seat (Admin/Member/Guest) when provisioning a Fibery User from Okta. All Users are created as Members by default.

Do Guests represent a large share of your userbase? I wonder what the impact of potential automation would be.

P.S. We have a similar idea about re-using Okta groups in Fibery: Okta Push Group support.

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