Nov 30, 2023 / Some Table View improvements and bug fixes

Interesting, I’ve used fibery quite a bit and my testing with this new view led me to believe it didn’t work. The others we have in fibery were the ones that asked about it and they couldn’t figure it out.

Since you suggested it does work, I played around with it a bit and was able to get it working, but it seems pretty rough around the edges.

Here is a video of trying to get it to work: - Google Drive

Video Summary:

  • If you click into the “New ” box then paste, it assumes everything you are pasting goes into that one row (airtable detects this and confirms what you are trying to do)
  • To make it work, you seem to have to select (focus) the “New ” box without clicking into it? Is that the expected way to use this feature?
  • When you paste, it seems to overwrite the record just above
  • With airtable it seems to have a more simple UX. You click into a box, you paste. It recognizes what you are doing and confirms that is what you want to do.

Additional Issues I Discovered:

  • Broken Undo Behavior:
    • The undo behavior of fibery is kind of unpredictable depending on the timing. Sometimes it works as expected and I event get the overwritten row back. Other times it will remove the overwritten row. Other times it will paste additional copies of the pasted items
  • Multi-Selection Right Click Delete Doesn’t Work:
    • Airtable supports selecting multiple items, then right clicking on one to delete them all. Fibery doesn’t support this and you lose your selection.
  • Limited/Odd Multi-Row Selection Behavior:
    • Fibery’s multiple row selection when holding shift doesn’t behave the way I’d expect. Airtable does work as expected. With airtable you never lose any of your selection. With fibery, the behavior is different based on if you are clicking above or below existing selections.
    • Example:
      • 20 rows, I have rows 10-15 selected by selecting 10 (checkbox), holding shift, then selecting 15.
      • Now, I want to go up and add rows 3-6.
      • I go up to row 3 and select it (still good, i’ve only added to the total number of rows) (One thing to note here is that if I hold shift and select row 3 in fibery, it does the same thing as not holding shift. With airtable, if i hold shift and click row 3, it would add rows 3-9 to the rows selected)
      • Now, I hold shift and select row 6 and now I only have rows 3-6 selected

I noticed so many issues with row selection, I went ahead and did a comparison video for it as well because it is kind of hard to describe: - Google Drive

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