Notion feeling the heat?

You know you’re doing something right when the competition is paying to hijack your customers’ search results :slight_smile:


@Chr1sG: Interesting find Chris!

So much to say on the Notion/Fibery saga! In an effort to be succinct, I think there are three big areas that are key in the respective apps to get to the real “ability to be the source of truth for a team.” They are:

1. - Great reciprocal referencing - bi-directional, back linking, references. Fibery is on the cutting edge here, similar vision as Roam & the other pioneers, but I think you guys have a harder challenge to implement with a full Work Management app that this feature has to integrate with, and not just some hierarchical notes like Roam, Obsidian, Supernotes etc. are dealing with.

2.- Whiteboard/Diagraming that is an actual version of the entity structure in the tool. Again, innovative as you could get! A lot still to be done, as reflected around the forum with varying additional requests.

My #1 request for Whiteboards: Auto-generate diagrams based on existing relationships..

My #2 request for Whiteboards: Ability to have parents shown as “groups” instead of just pointing to children

3. - Full collaboration capability with good chatting/communication around entities. This is I think the least developed in Fibery, but the least challenging. Ideally we will get to some of the features that are in the more mainstream apps like Asana, ClickUp, Wrike, etc. To mention some of the big ones:

  • Threaded comments
  • Ability to comment when resolving, so you can see the conclusion
  • Full suite of Apps, including desktop, to allow for notifications when communicating
  • Tie in to Fibery extensions like Workflow, to inform when transitioning entities that have workflow

Of these three Big Areas, Notion has only some of the stuff around point #3: Some notifications, some commenting, some of this in their apps. But it is a basic implementation.

As for #1 and #2, I think Notion has nothing. People are asking them for bi-directional, but who knows if they think it makes sense. Their philosophy if you read in the communities is “keep it simple.” Which is all the more reason they may never get to diagrams, either. Granted, their API could solve some of this, but there is no guarantee it will be native in Notion, or force you into other apps via Zapier-like connections, which I avoid like the plague. Middleware integrations are prone to bugs, errors, etc. and you may get stuck needing a full-time employee to maintain those!

Keep up the great work guys and glad to see we are squarely on Notion’s radar!

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