Name Formula when creating new Entry from outside the list

I store my contacts name in “LastName, FirstName” and would like to split this from now on, because its safer in a team environment to get right data.

but when i want to create a new entry (from inside a meeting for example) the new entry is just “untitled” because it does not take the input from the external source. Of course, as it is a formula field…

any way of having an option, that the input from external is filled into other fields than the name field or another work around to not end up with “untitled” entries?

If I understand the question correctly, then yes, you can create any number of new formula fields, populated based on the contents of other field(s)

Or did you mean that the imported data needs to go into a field other than the name field? When importing, you can configure the import process to put the data in whichever columns you like.

ah no. it’s not import related this time :slight_smile:

when creating a new entry in a DB from within another entity then it takes the text and puts it in the name field.

for example creating a new task from inside a project content field. (create new entity)
then it gives a warning when the name field is a formula. makes sense. but question is if there is a way to still put data in this “formula” field and it gets redistributed to a temp field for example to be taken care of later.
(then the name formula could be "if tempfield is not empty take name from temp field else build formula from other fields)

does this in any way make sense? it does in my head


I think what would be needed is:

When the user selects that the Name should be generated by a formula, display a setting in the name formula config dialogue that lets the user select what field should be set by default when creating an entity.

I have the same problem as I’m a big fan of generated names (prefixes FTW!), but yes it slows down creation of these entities not just when creating out of text, but also when creating in Boards and Lists and even Whiteboards…

One of the many creature comfort FRQs for me too… sadly, I have no more votes to give :frowning:

that would be a great idea to give a “name this” field as option for creation. or even a formula on how to handle text entries in a formula field. so for example i can put “Jameson, Jessy” and it automatically splits that and puts it in the respecting fields. (Which are text and not formula" ). probably that’s something automation could do. need to have a look. but anyway having a formula field being open for text entry with a predefined action what should happen on creation would be wonderful.

Yes, indeed, this is how to do it.
Define an automation that runs on creation (and optionally on update to the name field) with actions to update other fields based on the contents of the name field.

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that makes so much sense. to not have the name field be a formula, but having an automation run when a field gets updated to set the fields … how blind one can be :smiley: