Multiple Views for to-many relations Question


I’m attempting to create a list view for Donations underneath a Contact that shows the total for Funds that someone has donated to.

Contact > one to many >> Donations
Donations >> many to many >> Funds

When I change the first level to Funds and the second level to Donations under the contact’s entity view, it filters down to the Funds they have contributed to but shows Donations from all Contacts (somewhat confusing to an end user).

I understand there is no direct relationship from Contact to Fund. I added a lookup via Donations, but no view capability exists on the entity for lookups. That lookup doesn’t give me the ability to automatically link Contact to Fund when attempting to create a new relation between those two. How can I achieve a Fund summary view on the Contact? Is my structure out of line to achieve this without using a Report? I did create a report, where I found a separate issue: when printing the report, it prints all records versus the filtered ones.

I know I could go Contact >> Fund >> Donation, but that’s not how I want the data structure.

Thank you!

It’s true that the context filter does not apply to the second level, as you are discovering.

A relation report view (instead of a relation list view) should get you something close to what you need.

Perhaps you can give us some more details - sounds like a bug.

Thanks, Chris, for clearing that up! The report image you sent is (almost) identical to what mine looks like. :slight_smile:


When I click on the three dots and hit Print

I get this (a snippet):

If this needs to be separate let me know, but when exporting to a PNG or printing it doesn’t respect the customized column widths. I’ve experienced this PNG export issue prior to the Relations Reports, just forgot about it until now.


Looks like a couple of bugs there.
I’ll ask the devs to Investigate.

Amazing. Thanks again!