How to combine First Level Entities on a Relation's list view inside another Entity when there are multiple sets of relations between all the entities

Having successfully implemented a connection between a Gmail Integration and Contacts - for both inbound and outbound messages combined into one field as per advice on this thread - across multiple Email Accounts (each with 3x fields connecting each Contact to each Email, with a different database for each email accounts messages), I’m running into another difficulty:

I’m looking to create a single list view that shows all the emails from every inbox, inside of the associated Contact entity views.

The problem is that each Contact entity has the following relations:

  1. Emails From Person A
  2. Emails To Person A (A lookup only, via Gmail Contacts)
  3. Emails (To+From Combined, created by automation) Person A
  4. Emails From Person B
  5. Emails To Person B (A lookup only, via Gmail Contacts)
  6. Emails (To+From Combined, created by automation) Person B
  7. etc. for add’l inboxes

And when I go to create a list view within a contact entity and try to include multiple “First Level” databases for target Emails To+From, both Person A and Person B, there is no ability to tell the UI which relation I’m referring to. Sometimes, I get both relation I’m looking for (Emails To+FroM). Sometimes, it seems like I get the wrong one (Emails To+From Person A; Emails From Person B).

Is this the intended functionality and I am thinking about this incorrectly, or is there a functionality limitation here for interacting with multiple different relations between the same two entities?

Thank you!

You might want to create a new “All Emails” collection (relation) in Contacts to hold all relevant emails from all Accounts. That would make it simpler to display them all in a single List.

You should be able to automatically maintain this collection via some automation Rules - one new Rule for each linked Email Account relation in your Contacts DB.

Each Rule will trigger when a new email is linked to (one specific) email Account, and will then link the same new email to your “All Emails” collection.

You might also want to create additional Rules to handle the case when an email is unlinked from an Account (and thus should be unlinked from your “All Emails” collection).

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Thanks @Matt_Blais , I will take a stab at this!