Multiple select or bulk editing

I cannot seem to find out how to do this if it is even possible: If I have a bunch of requests come into a tasks board, and I want to “bulk edit” them, can I do it? Like, set due date on all or, set priority to high on all etc.

There are a lot of aspects of Fibery which are “frictionless” which is fantastic, but I’m hoping I am missing something.


@rickcogley Unfortunately batch editing is not implemented yet.

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Hi !

When is it planned to be implemented ?

This makes Fibery unusable for a lot of usecase, because it means we can’t really add new columns on existing tables and quickly set a value to all cards
=> we would have to do them one by one, and there can be hundreds of them… which is not understandable, I am maybe missing something too for doing this?

I can’t see any way to do it in table or board views for instance,

Regards We are considering implementation in the next couple of weeks. Is this the only showstopper for Fibery adoption in your company?

Urgently needed

This here is not possible in Fibery…

Same with pasting a list into fibery, not possible too…

See this thread too


There is also the ability to see Rich Text fields in the Table view, which is hindering a good understanding of the tool and no-brainer imports, but there is the workaround of using only simple text fields will do the job, so it’s clearly 10x less critical than bulk edit


We are using Fibery similar to what is displayed here: and bulk transitioning/editing items from column to another column is a must. When you plan for iteration, there are lots of moving issues around and it’s really tedious to do one-by-one.


I would also like to support this request. In addition, per @hannukle your comment, one other bulk action I’m really finding myself needing is being able to move an Entity to a different type - for example if something went in Fibery as a task, but it’s really a Project.

I talked about that here:

If you think about the structure of Fibery, and one of the things that makes it great, it’s that Entities are each a “type” of their own. In most other work management apps, you’ll have a notion of a “task” entity. Then, if you want to use the task as a “customer,” or “asset” like piece of equipment or blog post, you have to “tag” that task to give that attribute. In Fibery, you can just create a “type” right off and build it out as your need requires. That’s great.

However, I really think you need to be able to change the Type as during the flow of using Fibery at scale, this need can happen a lot. In the other Work Management apps that use “tasks,” you can easily just swap out tags at will. But in Fibery, without being able to change “Type,” I am finding a pretty big restriction in daily operations without having this capability.

Thanks guys!

@mdubakov I know there have been a number of shake ups re: the priorities for feature requests on account of COVID-19. Is this still high on the list of priorities?

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Batch copy/paste and batch delete for Table View is in scope for the next 2 months


Made a simple tutorial on how to do batch editing without Fibery supporting it yet.
TLDR; export + batch copy/paste is your friend


I actually did not know you could do that! Very cool, and great, short video! Thank you.

Just to add another case to this, I have seen the need to batch relate more and more as my team moves in Fibery. This happens when periodically somebody on the team (I am onboarding more and more) bulk creates a list of Entities out Rich Text Bullets. But the Entities didn’t belong in that relation. So I’ll need to “re-relate” a group of 8 - 10 entities, which is time consuming.

For purposes of comparison, Notion has a batch capability and relating is one of the things you can do with it.



Any news on the batch edit feature timeline?

I know I can use @tpaktop hack

but it would be better to have that directly in Fibery, especially when adding to a “many to …” relationship where you already have other entities.
Example: I have a Contact type (representing people) and Event type (conference, webinar, etc). I have a many to many relationship called “Attendees” between the 2 types that represent who attended the event.
I would like so select in the Contact Table view several Contacts and add a new event to the Attendees field. I should have the possibility to indicate if I want to replace the existing values or just append the new Event to the existing Events (default case for 99% of uses cases I think).

I see 2 solutions to do that:

  1. batch edit in a View (Table seems more convenient from UX standpoint and enough for me, but in theory could be done in other views as well)
  2. batch action button with variables asked at execution: once the Contacts selected, I could click on a batch Action Button that would open a small overlay form to input the variable. In my case I would have create a “Add event as Attendees” button, as seen in the screenshot, but with the value empty (or indication that this is a variable to be set at runtime) instead of “Cleantech Forum Asia 2019”

    For now I, as a workaround I go to the button edit mode and change the fixed Event value when I want to add an Event to a lot of Contacts.

Solution 1. is better I think, since can be used by normal users.


Yes thanks for bumping, I really need this too!

@mdubakov this is a major pain point currently for our team. We play with a lot of data, and being to able multi select and enter common values will be a huge time saver

It’s even strange that there is still no batch editing option.

Indeed, it is one of the most commonly used functions when working with lists / tables.


Voted for this and bumping this tread. :pray:

EDIT: Here is another hack for how to do “bulk” editing: filter + copy & paste


I suspect multi-select may come with the new table view:

Just Bumping and added a vote too! My top needs:

  • bulk relating
  • Bulk conversion
  • Bulk edit assignee