Update existing records from CSV

I am wondering if there is a way of bulk importing updates from csv? I added a new field and wanted to populate it in one go. I tried the CSV import, thinking the name could be common key between fibery and the csv import but it seems it just creates new records instead of updating existing ones.

Apart from using the API, is there any other way of doing this?

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Have you seen this? :


This would probably be useful enough that it should be a Feature Request.


I didn’t even know you could do that! I saw a reference to it here, but thought you had to select all the cells which I couldn’t do. The video was very helpful.

Due to recent discussion around issues with aborted/partial CSV import, and an increasing general need in my work, I am turning this into a feature request.


There would be all sorts of interesting uses for a Google Sheets integration as well, which would probably be a better way to do certain tasks than CSV imports.

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That’s true! You can link to your feature request, of course:

As Oleg points out there, the new custom integrations might help address that need, but in my view Google Sheets is broadly-enough used that it probably deserves its own dedicated integration. And indeed update/merge would likely be a critical feature of such an integration since there are no unique IDs, etc.

I finded bulk editing method in Fibery.

Shortly: use temporary database + Automatically link relations + Automation Rules.

Probably complicated somewhere and can be simplified, but the main essence will be clear.

  1. For example, i have simple Database with 1476 Items and relations between Actions:

  2. I need update all Items in field Actions. Manually or by the methods described above, it still takes a very long time to do. All needed new data i have in CSV-file:

  3. Create new temporary transfer database with same columns:

  4. Then add relation with Automatically link Items to Temporary Actions by Item ID:

  5. Then add in Temporary Actions database in field Actions all options from CSV:

  6. In Item add lookup from Temporary actions from Actions field:

  7. Then add automation:

  8. And same automations for Edit and Delete actions.

  9. Then importing new data:

  10. How it was:

  11. How it became:

  12. Then temporary database can be delete.

  13. Automation takes a lot of time.