Merging two workspaces

Hi, I am light years behind all the questions and answers I am reading… Sorry if this is super basic.

When I first tried Fibery, I thought I might use different workspaces for different customers to keep all their projects separate. In hindsight, it was not a good idea and I would like to merge the workspaces I created. If that’s not possible, is downloading each database and importing it into the new common workspace the best way to go?
Thank you!

The answer probably depends upon what you have in each of the workspaces.

It is possible to transfer spaces from one workspace to another using the ‘share as template’ function:

(but note that you need to avoid name conflicts)

If you manage to merge all your spaces into one workspace, you can then use ‘convert’ to transfer entities from one database to another, within the same workspace, and values will be copied across where items have the same named fields.

The ‘source’ database can then be removed (or just hide it until you’re 100% sure you won’t ever need it again :wink: )

I thought I previously commented about this but can’t find it, so –

It would be very useful if Fibery’s Import could add (more) data to an existing DB.

Wonderful! Thank you very much!