Move info in and out field column

is there a more fine grained setting on where fields show up in documents? is there a way of moving fields out of the “sidebar” onto the page. and vice-versa ist there a way to move “list”-type info (multiselects, relations) into the sidebar


Unfortunately this is not possible so far, you can only drag fields top/down.
Left side always shows rich edit fields and collections.

would be a fantastic addition (and separation from clickup where this is something i find really distracting too).
As some information is needed every time - some is not so important and nice if it hides on the side.

its probably only something that is important for visual thinking people like me, but would be a great thing to have control where these things show up …
thanks for the fast clearification

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guess this goes into the same direction

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Just to be clear, you can ‘move’ a field from the right hand side to show up under the name as ‘pinned field’.
You make it show as a pinned field using the … button (under the name), and then hide it on the right hand side.

this is a wonderful option and i use it a lot! thanks for bringing it up.

its more a moving items out of the body into the sidebar, to reduce the visability of options.

(still a bit more fine control of where to show items. as subheaders (without field name) or inline with more visability (and field name like in sidebar). also sometimes list fields options would be great to reduce clutter. especially when having a reduced page width sometimes the names of these lists completely disappear

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It’s a fair point, and we have discussed internally about allowing fields to switch sides.
A common use case is where you have a to-many relation but that you really want to behave like a multi-select.
And sometimes, for something on the right, you need to see more detail than just the name, and a full width list item (or even a card view) on the left might be preferable.


exactly. :slight_smile:

something that really annoyed me in clickups view was the separation of custom fields and relations.
sometimes a relation field just gives a name/link and it would be great to have control over it.
a great example is “Job Title” “Comapny”. I want to see them together. in clickup there is no way to do that but to have double data somewhere (created by an automation)

in here i am solving “this one” differently - but still it would be amazing to put “refered by” to the sidebar for example - as it simply does not need to be so present. basically from my pic i want all info to the side but the references to meetings and communication - cause thats the stuff i interact with

the way it is right now its very cluttered. but it should still show under the “info panel”. (still way better than clickup!)


Have you ever considered about 2 sides panes: left and right, and they can toggled on off by hotkey. They’d give you more spaces to display information rather than just 1 right pane as current

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