Setting to hide by default the right sidebar with fields ( Collapse Fields column )

I don’t need all those fields in the right sidebar - everything I need is already in front of me.

Every time I have to close it because it takes up too much space.

This is how this screen should open (without the right sidebar):

If you truly don’t ever need the right hand fields, you can manually hide them all, and then you will never see them again :slight_smile:

(and if there are some that you decide are quite useful, you can pin them under the name field)

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Hiding right hand fields only centers the rest, it does not make it full width as @Mikhail shows in his images. Depending on your screen size, hiding your right hand fields, actually will just make the main panel narrower. So if the issue is maximizing space, this does not solve the problem.


Well actually, it depends upon your screen size.
The left hand fields expand to fill the right hand space up to a certain width. Beyond that, you’re right, they don’t grow in size, but just keep centralised.

I suspect that was a reasonable decision for a pleasant representation of rich text fields, back when only one column of text was possible, but now that we support multiple columns (and embedded views) it’s probably time to revisit that decision :+1:


Would be awesome. We often leave the right panel empty. And do have large grids with multiple fields. UX will improve if we can minimize the scrollbar as much as possible :smile:


I’m very glad to be heard. :partying_face:

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