Modification date not as expected

I have Type A, and one of its fields is a formula that calculates something based on a related Type B.
If I change an entity of Type B, then it can result in the formula calculation result changing for the linked entities of Type A.
It seems as though this is counted as a modification of the Type A entity as far as ‘Modification date’ is concerned.

In the following screen grab, you can see that this entity has not been changed since yesterday according to the Activity history, and yet the ‘Modification date’ is today (26/04/21).
I would much prefer that the ‘Modification date’ was only updated when the entity was directly changed itself.

Fibery is all about connectivity of information, and I use a lot of formulas and lookups, so there is a risk that a change in one entity results in a ‘Modification date’ change in a related entity, and could lead to a ‘Modification date’ change in an entity related to that one, and so on…!

In a similar way, I would also prefer that ‘Modification date’ was not updated when the Type is changed (fields added/removed etc.) and only reflected a change in the entity itself.


Yes fully agree with these suggestions and pain points!

Hi, Chris!
Have that idea in the backlog, noted your case (many thanks for the details :sparkling_heart:)