Mermaid support

Mermaid is a markup language to generate diagrams and charts.

How do you imagine that Fibery and Mermaid would play together?
Are you thinking of sending (suitably reformatted) Fibery structured data to the mermaid rendering engine?
Or are you thinking that mermaid images could be embedded in documents/rich text fields so that they can be edited directly from Fibery?

I am not sure what the difference between your two options is. I was thinking you would be able to enter the markup in Fibery and have it rendered. Just like markdown.

OK, so it sounds a bit like the Notion-Mermaid integration, where users could add a ‘Mermaid block’ to a rich text field/document, and it would be rendered as code or the resultant image.
That kind of thing?

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Yes, just like that.