Mermaid support

Mermaid is a markup language to generate diagrams and charts.

How do you imagine that Fibery and Mermaid would play together?
Are you thinking of sending (suitably reformatted) Fibery structured data to the mermaid rendering engine?
Or are you thinking that mermaid images could be embedded in documents/rich text fields so that they can be edited directly from Fibery?

I am not sure what the difference between your two options is. I was thinking you would be able to enter the markup in Fibery and have it rendered. Just like markdown.

OK, so it sounds a bit like the Notion-Mermaid integration, where users could add a ‘Mermaid block’ to a rich text field/document, and it would be rendered as code or the resultant image.
That kind of thing?

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Yes, just like that.

Being able to take Fibery structure data, and autogenerate a diagram would be pretty awesome. Like a whiteboard but auto-generated flowchart instead.

This will soon be possible using Fibery whiteboards, assuming that the flow arrows can be encoded as relations in the Fibery schema

With auto layout? Will new rows be added automatically?

It is already possible to create new entities (= rows) from the whiteboard. Add a card, and then type the name of the entity to be created, choose the type (database) and the newly-created entity will now be shown on the whiteboard.

Yes, but i have to add it manually and reposition it manually. That defeats the purpose, since every time a new entity is created it requires manyal work.

Auto layout as in mermaid js solves this

Maybe I misunderstood. I assumed you were talking about adding a card to the whiteboard and having this result in a newly-created entity in the database.

Did you mean that you would want the whiteboard to automatically display entities that have been created via other views in the workspace?

At the moment, the whiteboard will only display entities if you explicitly tell it to.

Auto-layout is a challenging issue. If a set of entities are laid out nicely on a whiteboard, and a new one is added, any auto-layout mechanism could risk making the layout worse.

Also, auto-layout is very challenging for large numbers of highly-interconnected entities.

Totally, that’s why i would go with mermaid js.

What if we had a new view type “javascript”.

Where in edit mode one could add a js snippet to render the view? Use the usual filters etc as for other views.

Maybe the view could get as input a json with the data.

This way integration of mermaid js would be trivial.

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To be honest, I think it’s unlikely that Fibery willl support a JS view. Although it would be quite flexible, I think it would only be a small fraction of users who will benefit.