Managing Payment Plans & Failed Payments

Sometimes simple things are not so simple.

I want to sell something and the customer says, “Can I have a payment arrangement?”

Who would think that could be so complex?

It’s a common scenario, which I’ve found almost impossible to solve in a clean and efficient way for our business in any platform we’ve used or tried so far.

We now solve it using Fibery, Make and WooCommerce.

It was only when we discovered Fibery that the simplicity for the end user was really able to come to the forefront. Prior to that, it was an administrative nightmare to organize and track everything.

I challenge anyone to find me a set up that can do the following for less than $50 a month. In fact, I challenge anyone to find a set up that can do this at all. No coding required.

Here are the requirements:

I want to be able to offer a customer the option of a flexible payment arrangement to pay for something over time.

I want to be able to create a payment link quickly that I can send to the customer that contains any list of products and/or services I choose.

When the customer clicks that link, I want them to be presented with a simple, single page order form where they can enter their details and submit the first payment, thereby activating the customized, automated payment plan.

If it is an existing customer, I want the order form pre-filled with all of their details so all they need to do is add a credit card number and then click to pay.

I want to be able to do this in any number of currencies I choose, without the currency having to be pre-determined.

I don’t want myself or the customer to have to set the currency manually. It should all work automatically.

I want to be able to set the follow up schedule of re-draw attempts when there is a failed payment.

When the series of re-draw attempts expire, I want the option to create a new payment link for the customer to be able to re-activate the payment plan where they left off and finish the payments that were owing.

Most importantly, at any stage, I want to be able to see the status of the payment plan neatly and cleanly stored in a single order against the customer in my CRM showing each of the payments, including any re-draw attempts.

I want the ability to create one click, up-to-date reports on all of this activity across my business, so I can track it in real time.

Does anyone know a way to achieve all this? I didn’t. Now we do it for less than $50 a month?

This is why I love Fibery.

If anyone is interested to see how we do the Fibery part of it, here’s a video outlining that portion of the set up. It’s a clean and beautiful solution for the end user in Fibery.

I hope it’s helpful to someone out there who’s struggled with similar difficulties in their business.


Great stuff. I look forward to other users telling us about the cool things they’re achieving with Fibery!

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True , true fibery visual model can help simplify even supermarket that just fill up 2 tteam fiels ho what product , whst address sothat bett price time delivery detailed invoice sent price product option

Amazing market integrated product startup pand project developments too .zthe data model need not have to be complex , just user friendly