Listing up operational pain points

A usage scenario, for which I’d like to find out how the Fibery team is handling.

Do you have a good way to list up the pain points people might notice in their day to day work? Not about Fibery per se, but about your company’s operations? Like: “we need a way to do X” or “Y is super inefficient so we should improve it”.

I suppose I could do it in GIST, making some general goal of “improving operations” and have people put ideas in there but, it feels like it does not match the spirit of GIST.

Any cool ideas for this?

@rickcogley, hey, just came across this, very good point! You are talking about some of the major type of team problems I hope to solve with Fibery. My initial thinking is to take these type of general items and put into a list in Fibery for "ideas’’ and leave them more or less as the sentence you describe, and build some context around this type of entity - priority, status (like “needs analysis” or “converted to action” in the case of creating a real project item that’s related). I would then try to break these items down and create real work, or projects with goals.

Another thing I want to set up are some entities that are more abstract and represent overall company objectives that can serve as labels across other entities, like “Reduce Operating Costs” which in theory should never end, but can be attached to any one-off effort on this front. You could then run a report to see at any give time how much you were doing to “Reduce Costs.”

I too would like a little more depth in Fibery and instruction on how to handle these things effectively, but these are just some ideas that I hope could be helpful.

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