Link Github releases to Fibery tasks

I’ve just set up an automation to link my PRs to tasks, and update the status of the tasks based on changes to the PR (set to code review when PR opened, set to visual review when PR merged to main branch/stg env).

This is working great and I’m keen to integrate a little more. I’d really like to be able to automatically track the release status of a ticket based on changes made in Github. All my release pipeline is set up with Github actions, so all the info I need is there.

I could think of a few ways I could go about this:

  • The PR is already listed in the release notes, so could do this- that would be my preferred way, if I can get the Github releases and associated notes into a Fibery DB
  • The main branch is already in Fibery with its current commit SHA, so I could potentially do something with that and the commits expected to be included
  • We usually tag our commit messages with the task ID as well, so could check which task IDs are included on commits in main branch

Has anyone done anything similar/got ideas on how I could do this?

I have looked very briefly for ways to customise the Github integration and what data is pulled, but didn’t find anything yet

Can you explain what is currently set up in your Fibery workspace - perhaps upload the workspace map (or a fragment of it).

Sure- here’s the section of the workspace map that’s relevant to Github.

Everything is set up according to the defaults for Github integration. I’ve then added a task_id to the Pull Request DB, with a formula to derive the value from branch name.

Pull Request is related to Task like so

When you talk about ‘release status’ do you mean a release in GitHub?
And what is a ‘ticket’ (as far as you are concerned)?

I mean a release in Github, yes.
When I say ‘ticket’ I mean a Task entity in our Fibery, apologies for the confusion.

We are using Github release pipeline and our releases would look something like this:

The feat/796...line in the changelog is the name of the pull request. The Fibery Github integration imports pull requests, so I have already automated taking the tag from here and linking the PR to the task in Fibery. ‘796’ here is the public ID of the Fibery task.

What I want to achieve is that when we publish a Github release, in Fibery we take two actions:

  • Update the ‘state’ of all tasks included in the release, as identified by ID, to be ‘done’
  • Tag all tasks included in the release with the version number, eg here v1.13.0

The only thing I don’t know how to do to achieve this is get the release/changelog information into Fibery.

NB also our releases are manually triggered, so can’t just rely on changes being merged to main branch; we need to know when a Github release happens.