Let users link to spaces from # auto-complete

I’d like to be able to make a “smart” link to a space, but I think I have to use a full URL to do this. :disappointed:
It’d be nice to be able to type in #<space_name> and have that behave like an entity link.

What is the use case for Space link? Why can’t you link to a specific View in this Space?

It’d be nice for an on-boarding guide. Something like.

We track candidates in #Jobs, do high level planning in #OKRs, etc.

This future-proofs you for however the space admin wants to use that space. For example, if they add a nice top-level README as the first thing in the space then it would automatically link there. I.e. I’d like to be able to make links that work the same way as clicking on the top-level space item in the left hand nav. I could always use full URLs for this, but it’s nice to have the referential integrity and automatic labelling.