Is there a way to add an entity to the root of a space?

Hi there, for some time I have been mimicking Docs with entities - since they’re quite a bit more powerful. I use many smart folders to show entities - for instance, I have a library smart folder that shows entities of type Doc.

Is there a way to show one of those entities outside a smart folder? Let’s say I have an entity that looks just like a DOC and is used like a DOC but I want it to have the power of an entity. I’ll call that entity “User Guide”.

Can I get that to showup in the root of the space so everyone in that space automatically sees it the next time they login, without having to open a smart folder?

Not currently possible, no.

Thanks Chris.

You could, however, create a short “READ ME” document, visible in the left menu, that has a link to your User Guide entity.