Keyboard shortcut to re-order bullets/numbers lists that will change my life

When I’m redacting a scenario or instructions, I use numbered lists to keep track of the order. I often need to change the order in my documents. In Google/Microsoft docs, there is a keyboard shortcut to do that. You select the lines you want to reorder and press SHIFT + ALT and the UP and DOWN arrows :
Key shortcut change order

It saves a lot of time and help to think. I happen not using Fibery Docs only for that. Would it be possible to add this feature to Fibery docs (RTF)?

Many thanks!


I don’t like Google & Microsoft, but this feature is awesome :rofl:

Adding this to Fibery would be nice! Maybe combined with an overview of the keybord shortcuts somewhere so user is aware of those time saving little helpers!

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this is 1 of the best thing of Outliner in Roam Research or Outliner plugin in Obsidian. 1 of the most important feature to build Personal Knowledge Management: re arrange structure of all literature notes to make outline
also each bullet point or number list can be fold (toggle) on/off which mean block- level can be fold, not only heading


You can also do this at a full block level in Notion, FWIW.

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